Learn how FieldTurf partnered with EasyTurf, the country's largest synthetic grass
landscape installation company to grow its authorized dealer network.
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Sure is Growing Fast.

Partner with the innovators, not the imitators.

EasyTurf - a company with more than 10,000 synthetic grass installations, including some of the most high-profile commercial installations in Southern California - has partnered with FieldTurf, their exclusive manufacturing partner, to create the Landscape Division of FieldTurf.

As an authorized EasyTurf dealer, you won't just be selling synthetic grass. You'll be selling the bestselling synthetic grass in the world...manufactured by FieldTurf.

FieldTurf is the undisputed leader in synthetic grass used for sports fields, across all leagues and all sports.

We've become the undisputed industry leader in sales by creating the ideas that PRODUCE sales. Ideas about how to improve drainage, how to recycle material, how to make synthetic grass more realistic, more comfortable and more affordable. By becoming an EasyTurf dealer, you'll have direct access to product from FieldTurf's 450,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in Calhoun, Georgia. FieldTurf is completely vertically integrated where superior quality controls produce the highest quality synthetic grass available without the middle-man costs.

FieldTurf was one of the first - and is still one of the few -companies in the industry to own and operate its own plant, giving us total control over every step of the process.