Learn how FieldTurf partnered with EasyTurf, the country's largest synthetic grass
landscape installation company to grow its authorized dealer network.
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Opportunity: It's wherever you look.

Unlike some products that have relatively limited uses and applications, synthetic grass appeals to a wide range of customers. Besides home uses, we've seen rapid increases in installations at commercial buildings both large and small, pet facilities, childcare facilities, municipal buildings, military sites and even rooftop projects. It solves a lot of problems. Which means you can sell a lot of EasyTurf.

Environmental responsibility and benefits that add up.

EasyTurf is 100% recyclable and 100% lead free. FieldTurf is continually setting new standards for the industry and is an active, proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the EPA's "Greenscapes" program.

FieldTurf was one of the first companies to use recycled tires for its crumb rubber infill - removing millions of tires from landfills every year. And this year FieldTurf is pioneering the recycling of used turf to create infill material.

Many turf companies claim environmental responsibility and turf recyclability, however they don't have the facilities or infrastructure to actually recycle the product. This year FieldTurf is pioneering the recycling of its used turf to create infill material and will introduce the first and only synthetic grass available in the U.S. that includes yarn made from recycled materials.

Customer Financing Programs

Play Now, Pay Later! Limited budgets are a fact of life. Although upfront costs may be slightly discouraging, the immediate safety and long term financial benefits are well worth the investment. With our new financing plan, your customers don’t have to wait any longer to have EasyTurf installed. Make a small down payment, then pay the rest later!

EasyTurf has a wide variety of applications