Learn how FieldTurf partnered with EasyTurf, the country's largest synthetic grass
landscape installation company to grow its authorized dealer network.
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Key Markets

The synthetic grass business has experienced explosive growth in the recent years... for a lot of reasons. People all over - whether they're residential or commercial customers - are becoming increasingly frustrated at ever-rising, unpredictable water prices. They're getting tired of the endless cycle of paying more and more money for maintenance, fertilizers and re-seeding.

They're looking for a better solution. And EasyTurf and FieldTurf are giving it to them. Now you can, too.

Join our winning team. Because we're just getting warmed up.

In an industry where companies seem to pop up like weeds and then just as easily vanish overnight, EasyTurf and FieldTurf have a solid track record of doing what we say and saying what we do. We have a proven business model, and many thousands of happy customers to prove it. In good economies and bad, we've continued to grow our business, constantly innovate and lead our industry.

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