Learn how FieldTurf partnered with EasyTurf, the country's largest synthetic grass
landscape installation company to grow its authorized dealer network.
Fieldturf's Story
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Hear From Our Dealers

EasyTurf Dealer Testimonial "What attracted me to EasyTurf was the FieldTurf connection, longevity in the market, market share and capitalization, manufacturing of own products, reputation in the industry. I wanted to be associated with a leader in the market, not another soon to be out of business synthetic turf company."

- Rick Brown, Authorized EasyTurf Dealer Westwind Landscape, Albuquergue, NM

EasyTurf Dealer Testimonial
"As a contractor with over 30 years of experience we understand the importance of quality, integrity, and reputation. When our company set out to partner with a synthetic turf manufacturer, EasyTurf exemplified all of those qualities and more. We are proud to be the EasyTurf dealer in Arizona."

- Noelle Boothby, Authorized EasyTurf Dealer Sunburst Landscaping, Phoenix, AZ

EasyTurf Dealer Testimonial
"EasyTurf has combined the best artificial grass product with top-notch support making this opportunity second to none."

- David Sheffer, Authorized EasyTurf Dealer AlternaScapes, Tampa, Fl